Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the Winners Are ......!

This Free Pattern Giveaway contest has been so fun and, as promised, I have a new pattern available (pictured here): the Logan Baby Blanket!

Welcome to the new facebook fans - I've enjoyed chatting with a few of you! And, most exciting, is that now I get to give away some patterns and look forward to, hopefully, seeing the finished items :)

I am going to list the winners first (determined by the handy-dandy random number generator on the right) and then those winners can look below the list to see how they can receive their free pattern!

And the winners are:
1. Fern Brownlocks
2. Megan Pike
3. Jamie Spero-Toner
4. Catherine Burnside
5. Jen DebutantDesigns Landry
6. Sooz E. Cue
7. Mandy Silver-Marko
8. Saritha Shenoy
9. Rebecca Smith (could you please contact me via facebook, etsy, or ravelry - I couldn't send your coupon via facebook - thanks!)
10. Janet McLachlan Slater

There you have it! The 10 lucky facebook fan winners! Look for your coupon codes through facebook tomorrow (February 11) - there might still be time to make something in time for Valentine's Day!

There are 2 ways you can receive your free pattern:

1. Unfortunately, Etsy will not allow me to issue a coupon for 100% off (I hope they change this). However, I have still issued coupons to each winner for 99% off. If you choose this option, please go to and put one pattern in your cart. Proceed to the checkout where you will prompted for your coupon code. After entering the code, you will be left with a balance of 2 cents (!) which you will have to pay for either by credit card or paypal (still very easy and your part is now done!).

After your transaction goes through, I will email your pattern to you and refund your 2 cents! Although this seems like alot to go through, if you choose this option, I would appreciate positive feedback when you are finished (unless something is making you unhappy in which case, I would love to hear from you so we can fix it) :) Phew! A long explanation for something so easy!

2. If you would rather send me your email address through facebook along with your pattern selection, I will email your pattern to you. I completely understand that this option is easier and I will also understand if you choose to use it. If in the future, you visit my store again (and I hope you will!) and purchase another pattern, I hope you will leave positive feedback then :)

So, that's it - another contest finished - if you have any questions please convo me through Etsy. When you make up your pattern, I would love to see the finished item - my Ravelry ID is MonsoonCalamity and I would especially love it if you put up a project page there ( - it's free!).

Thanks, everyone! Now, off to think of what to do for March........

Lucy is Finally Working Again!

Don't forget! Today is the last day to enter my February Pattern Giveaway draw! Details in the previous post!

After not being able to use my longarm since early last fall, I have finally managed to make her work again! I replaced the rotary hook assembly and, as mentioned before, our good family friend, Blaize, fixed the issue with the motor shaft by drilling into it and putting a screw in so it wouldn't slip anymore.

Now, the longarm is still not perfect. In order to make it work, I have to turn it on, needle down, needle up, turn it off, walk around to the back of the machine, finish the stitch by turning the hand wheel a little bit more, turn it back on, walk around to the front, needle up, draw up the thread, and then I can start. I need to do this each time I have to start a new area of stitching or change threads or if the thread breaks or runs out. Like I said, it's not perfect, but at least it's working!

And, so, the quilt pictured above is one that I have finished this week to donate to Project Linus! Yay! Makes me want to piece again :)