Monday, June 28, 2010

Although this quilt didn't photograph very well at all, I am very excited about it! It's for me and I love the colours I'm planning for it.
So, I think that's all my UFOs for now. Phew!

Oops, forgot to turn this photo - this is another stack'n'whack that looks better in the photo than in real life :) I don't even know if I should finish this one but maybe if I sash it with the right fabric, it could look all right.
This looks alot better in real life than the photo shows. I can't wait to keep working on this one. It's just green and pink in a checkerboard. I love how busy it is.

I have two of these baby quilts to finish adding borders to and quilt up.
This is a small wall hanging for myself. I fused the circles on and then stitched them down. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to quilt this and I am thinking of adding some beads and stuff.
I have a stack of these blocks done; some still need trimming. I love the colours in this one so I can't wait to finish it.
Still one more post to come!
This quilt is much nicer in person than the photo shows. Again, I'm not really into it anymore but I would like to finish adding the purple borders and quilt it up for Project Linus.
This quilt is pretty cute in person - I made it about 10 years ago. I just need to get it up on Lucy and quilt it!
This is big enough for a twin bed I think and just needs the top and bottom borders added (this was done when I did add borders to my quilts sometimes!) and then it needs to be quilted. Again, likely for Project Linus.
This quilt has been on my design wall for at least a year now. I would love to finish piecing it so I can get my design wall back! It is made from batiks so it's quite pretty and I would love to see it quilted and finished.
Still more to come!

These 3 photos are of a stack'n'whack I started at least 12 years ago. I'm not in love with this project anymore but it will be nice to have it finished finally.
This is my latest project. It will be sort of like a horizontal Chinese Coin design in yellow with white strips inbetween the coins.
This is a baby quilt that will eventually be sale in my Etsy store. I really love this quilt but it is very busy and definitely needs a border to unify it. I still have to buy fabric for the border.
More in the next post!


I spent some time in my sewing room taking a few quick pictures of my UFOs. This one is a picture of the fabric in the first quilt I would like to finish. It's a gift for my next door neighbour's daughter who just graduated grade 8 last week - so I still have a chance to be sort of be on time with this one!
This picture shows how far along I am with this quilt - it's just strips so it will go quickly at least.

This quilt just needs its edges serged. For the record, I hate binding and life is too short to do something you hate if you don't have to. So, I serge. The serging holds up very well to washing and drying, too.

This quilt is called "I Nearly Lost My Mind This Christmas, 2009". I think it's self-explanatory. All I did was take squares from my scrap pile and sew them together any which way until my sanity came back! The piecing is finished so I just need to get it up on Lucy (my Tin Lizzie 18) and get it quilted up so we can use it as a picnic blanket this summer.

I pieced this one at least 8 years ago. I don't really like it anymore but it will be sweet once it's quilted and will likely be donated to Project Linus. The piecing is finished and it just needs to be quilted. Have you noticed that I don't usually put borders on my quilts?
So, it seems blogger will let me add 5 photos per post so I will continue this in another post :)
Thanks for taking a peek!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've started this blog to post pictures of quilts that I need to finish for a UFO challenge I've joined on Ravelry.

So, I'm off now to my sewing room to take photos of some quilts that really need finishing up!