Saturday, July 23, 2011

My very thoughtful husband decided to take our son to the movies today and give me a little quilting time - over 4 hours of quilting time, actually! Although I completely love having Cade home for the summer and spending so much fun time with him at the beach, kite flying, and bike riding, about mid-summer I start to wish for time to myself. I am definitely a person who requires some "me time" :)

The other day, I was commisioned by a friend to make a doll quilt for a mutual friend. I knew this would be a quick and easy project so I said yes. The person asking me to do this wasn't fussy about colour but said the recipient might like pink so I went into my stash and found all this coordinating fabric in pinks and greens.

I thought it would be perfect as the quilt is for a recently refinished antique doll cradle and I felt these muted colours would suit it perfectly. And so, here are the photos of the finished quilt. I have a red patio umbrella over my table so it distorts the colours a bit, making all the fabric look a little more pink that it actually looks in real life :)

(oops! lens cap snuck into the photo!)

(closeup of the fabrics)

(closeup of the quilting)

(closeup of the backing)

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  1. Cute quilt! And I can totally understand needing 'me time' - we all do.