Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Serger Cushions!

A few weeks ago, while browsing around my local quilt shop, I came across a brochure for a serger that was for sale. Well, I already have a serger but the brochure looked kind of cute so I peeked inside and found the sweetest little cushions!! They are super quick as they are made entirely with the serger.

I asked if I could take the brochure so I could make my own version of the cushions and the owner of the quilt shop asked if I would make her some samples. Of course, I didn't mind (it's not like I don't have the fabric!) and so these are my two, very different, samples:

These are so fun to make, I think I'll make lots more to scatter around, maybe even change them seasonally. I'm thinking my scrap pile of random squares is about to get a little smaller!


  1. Hi! I hopped over from ravelry because your ravatar made me think you quilt - and you do! I do too - and I've had a serger for years now, but am afraid of it. My Christmas gift to self is to ask my husband to watch our daughter so I can take lessons for it (only offered during the day). I so love your projects (I have One-Yard Wonders book too - and now need to make that car trash bag - and the ironing board cover - and....).
    Anyway, just popped in to say hi and drool over your quilted projects. I may have to start my own craft/sewing/knitting blog someday too. In that extra 25th hour of the day.

  2. Hi Susan! I'm so new to all of this that I just noticed your comment now! Yes, I love my serger. I actually use it to finish the edges of my quilts instead of binding. It's durable, long-lasting, and really fast. Good luck learning to use your serger and thanks so much for popping over to take a peek at my little blog. :)